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The Secret Life of Internal Organs     

So, as she eyed my ultra
sound, the nurse asked if any
thing had changed. I told her
I’ve started taking organic
probiotics – 90 billion living creatures
in each capsule. She shrugged
and said that I should start thinking
seriously about a permanent
catheter, and then she smiled
slightly, revealing the secret
of the skewer upon which we geezers
will spin in the cipher of our descent.
So, I am waiting
for the clutch of specialists
who want to weave into me their cats’
cradles and stents, to gather round
the eye of the geyser revealed
by the shtetl’s holy shiv, probing
the prostate’s anaconda grip against
the bilge, blown gears and rent
valves. Tubes
weeping like snow
melt, like the certain drip of water
torture and remorse.
 Published in
Blood and Thunder

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